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1st September, 2017

How developers are using cafes in display suites to attract apartment buyers

If you’re thinking about buying an off-the-plan apartment, one of the ways to visualise what it will look like is to visit the display suite. While previously display suites were little more than a demountable with a couple of placards, these days much more thought goes into making them a sensory experience for potential purchasers.

While unusual, there are instances of people visiting a display suite and buying on the spot. That’s what happened with property development company Thirdi Group at one of its Sydney-based projects – something they’re attributing in part to their innovative display suite experience.

Thirdi’s marketing and sales director Luke Berry cites a couple that visited its development 88onRegent display suite in Redfern without even realising it was a display suite due to its innovative inclusion of a fully functioning cafe.

Jonathan Richards (right), pictured with Kirsten Stanisich of SJB, says it is worthwhile for developers to build a display suite to help showcase their end product.Jonathan Richards (right), pictured with Kirsten Stanisich of SJB, says it is worthwhile for developers to build a display suite to help showcase their end product. Photo: SJB Interiors

“They came in just to have breakfast at the 88onRegent Pop Up cafe we installed as part of the suite,” he says. “But they had a look around and fell in love with it. They signed an expression of interest and a couple of hours later they called back and said they wanted to buy it.”

Berry says the cafe addition to their 88onRedfern suite was born from a desire to make buyers feel more comfortable and relaxed while visiting, and removing the dry, sales atmosphere traditionally associated with display suites.

While buying on the spot is unusual, it underpins the role display suites play in influencing sales.

Buyers at the launch of Barangaroo apartments in 2013.Buyers at the launch of Barangaroo apartments in 2013. Photo: Jacky Ghossein

“Some developments sell just using CGIs (computer generated images),” says Jonathan Richards, director of interiors with architects SJB. “But for developments that have a unique perspective, are design focused and architecturally led, it’s worthwhile to build a display suite. It demonstrates to the purchasers how great the spaces will be and sometimes you can’t get this across just by using floor plans.”

Richards adds that display suites also show the confidence a developer has in building what they will finally construct. “With buying off-the-plan there are certain vagaries around what you are going to get,” he says. “If you just buy from a floor plan it could be interpreted in many ways. A display suite demonstrates what the architecture and interiors will be like; it’s locked in and people know what to expect.”

The display suite for Thirdi’s latest luxury Sydney development – the Paragon of Pyrmont, comprising 21 premium residences and 10 luxury apartments – aims to give the target market a complete sensory experience.

A couple came in to the dining space at 88onRegent's display suite just to have breakfast and later that day bought one of the apartments.A couple came in to the dining space at 88onRegent’s display suite just to have breakfast and later that day bought one of the apartments. Photo: Thirdi Group

“The type of person who will buy into the Paragon of Pyrmont is accustomed to being treated in a certain way so what we provide within our display suite reflects this,” Berry says. “From the type of food and wine and how visitors are greeted on arrival. By building something that is beautiful you are respecting your purchaser.”

At 108 Miller Street and opened on June 10, the Paragon of Pyrmont display suite has an accompanying bar, Prosecco, operated by the team behind gourmet pizza franchise, Made in Italy.

Berry believes the display suite is playing a greater role in influencing people’s purchasing decisions.

A bar and dining room is part of a new Pyrmont development's display suite.A bar and dining room is part of a new Pyrmont development’s display suite. Photo: Esteban La Tessa

“Traditionally, display suites were quite sterile,” he says. “They were also environments where people knew they were going to be sold to and felt under pressure. Now they offer ‘experiences’. For example, we incorporate food and beverage vendors in ours and add music to create an experience where there is less pressure on the visitor.”

Berry says people can come in and grab a drink or something to eat and wander around the display at leisure. “It’s a more relaxed atmosphere and if you build a very good offering, people get a sense of what it’s like to live in the area.”

Creating the right atmosphere is a crucial part of the display suite. Richards says when his company is engaged to build one, a lot of thought goes into what the design should feel like.

Paragon of Pyrmont will have 21 premium residences and 10 luxury apartments.Paragon of Pyrmont will have 21 premium residences and 10 luxury apartments. Photo: Esteban La Tessa

“We put a lot of effort into selecting materials and resolving details and making sure every project we do is unique and special to suit that client,” he says. “When a potential purchaser visits a display suite I want them to sense the magic of the design that we have produced.”

He adds that hopefully the buyers love it enough to buy an apartment. “But the first thing I want to do is convey all the effort we’ve put into the design and hope it comes across in a way that will influence their decision.”

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1st September, 2017

There’s a car in my lounge room: drive straight into Pyrmont pad Written by Realestate.com.au

The lucky buyer of a new luxury Pyrmont pad will be able to drive right into their living room, thanks to the optional extra of a car lift within the property.

A pretty impressive party trick…

The $5.75 million five-storey townhouse on offer at Thirdi Group’s Paragon of Pyrmont development can incorporate a lift from the garage that can bring your pride and joy inside.

There are 21 townhouses within the development, starting at just under $4 million.

There are also some cheaper options, with apartments priced from about $1.6 million.

Car enthusiasts across Sydney are being drawn to the project — there’s even been interest from the owner of a Rolls-Royce Phantom — though he worries it may not fit.

Paragon of Pyrmont

The Paragon of Pyrmont townhouse development.

Designated a bit of a “bat cave”, the five-bedroom Treasury townhouse is named after the sandstone building in the CBD and offers the optional extra in collaboration with Maserati.

By forgoing a room on the lower level, revheads will be able drive up to their home, at which point the building’s smart automation system will recognise their car is approaching and open the garage.

Once parked, a platform will raise the car through the ceiling of the garage into the interior of the townhouse.

Thirdi Group’s Luke Berry said the feature was a hit with house hunters.

Paragon of Pyrmont, a new development of luxury to

Luxury townhouses can be a great alternative to stand-alone houses.

“(For) some people, it’s their dream to drive their car into one of their rooms,” he said. “It’s been really encouraging to have genuine interest in this conceptual design.”

Townhouses, he added, offer something for the “missing middle” — people who don’t want to live in a shoebox. “I’d like to build a hundred more in Sydney. That’s the product people are inquiring about.”

These townhouses are extreme high end, but agents across Sydney have reported a rise in townhouses’ popularity, not least because they can offer the perfect midway option, providing the benefits of apartments and houses.

Townhouses are usually cheaper than houses and are popular with everyone from first homebuyers to young professionals and downsizers. While some are strata title and have levies, others are Torrens title and don’t.

Belle Property Pyrmont agent Caroline Selka said more people were realising they were a good compromise.

“There’s been a shift,” she said. “We’re seeing more people consider townhouses now when they might not have done in the past.”

Ms Selka is marketing a Leichhardt townhouse that’s proving popular with families and professionals.

With a price guide of $1.45 million, the home at 6/61-63 Flood St is one of just six in a boutique warehouse conversion development and offers bright, spacious rooms as well as a sunny little outdoor area.

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1st September, 2017

Why developers are teaming up with luxury partners Written by Domain.com.au

When someone buys a home ‘off the plan’, they’re not just buying bricks and mortar; they’re also purchasing the lifestyle and amenity that the development offers.

And one way developers can evoke a lifestyle is by teaming with luxury partners to provide a taste of what that life will be like.

Property developer Thirdi Group is leading the industry in brand alignment initiatives and has secured the support of some of Australia’s – if not the world’s – leading brands and individuals, all vested in making Thirdi developments a success.

For its latest luxury Sydney development Paragon of Pyrmont at 108 Miller Street, Pyrmont, Thirdi is teaming up with brands such as TESLA, Coco Republic, Ferrari Maserati, Moet Hennessy, Bang & Olufsen, and Linneys. These varied brands are all working together to promote the development to their own private client databases.

Luke Berry, Thirdi Group’s director of sales and marketing, says the idea is to create as much value for clients as possible.“It’s not just about giving people a space in a great location, it’s also about what we can put ‘in’ this space, what appliances we can use, what innovations we can secure and what else can we offer the project’s demographic,” he says. “The brands we’re working with on the Paragon represent the ideal demographic we’re targeting.”

Berry says by working together, Thirdi Group gets to leverage its partners’ customers and networks, as well as the benefit of brand association.

“Our partners might put on special events for their customers that promote our project and this leads to more people coming to our display suite and because of this we are seeing a direct impact on sales,” he says.

Charlotte Dub, Coco Republic’s business development manager, sees advantages for both parties. “We provide Thirdi with design services and special offers for their purchasers,” she says. “For the Paragon, we styled the display suite and provided style and direction for the marketing CGIs.”

Coco Republic will also offer Paragon purchasers marketing initiatives such as complimentary interior design consultations and significant discounts off its products and services.

Dub says what’s attractive about partnering with the Paragon is that the buyer profile reflects Coco Republic’s clients. “The Paragon appeals to a discerning client,” she says. “It’s a luxury development so the potential purchaser is likely to be a Coco Republic customer. That is where the main synergy is.”

An artist’s impression of the Paragon of Pyrmont interior design

While there are clear synergies with this partnership, Hub says there are some developments where it wouldn’t work.

“We are picky about which development we team with; we wouldn’t want to be associated with a low-end, poor quality development as that would damage our brand,” Dub says.

Ferrari Maserati Sydney is also partnering with Thirdi for the Paragon. Simon McCarroll, dealer principal, Ferrari Maserati Sydney, says cross-channelling has become an extremely successful strategy.

“Brands and industries that at first seem far away from each other share the same values and prospects,” he says. “Paragon of Pyrmont is Sydney lifestyle at its best: a view, a location and hopefully a Maserati in the garage.”

McCarroll explains that in collaboration with Thirdi, Ferrari Maserati Sydney came up with an experience exclusive to Paragon buyers. “Every owner will be given a Maserati lifestyle experience,” he says. “We will put them behind the wheel of a Maserati for a thrilling day of scenic driving and fine dining.”

He adds when it comes to these types of partnerships, “It’s a giver’s gain approach”. “We believe that both parties will benefit from the collaboration,” he says.

Meanwhile, Berry says Thirdi Group’s vision for their partnership program will continue well after the settlement of their client’s properties.

“The beauty about partnerships is not only do they add value to the development during the sales process, our clients will enjoy ongoing discounts and exclusive incentives with these partners via our ‘Thirdi Says Thank You’ Program.”

For more information, visit paragonofpyrmont.com.au

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