Boutique the right fit for new location

A Townsville fashion retailer fitting mums and daughters is finding a new customer base after upgrading to a new store which wouldn’t look out of place on Brisbane’s James St.

After studying fashion in Toronto, Canada, Candace Gardner settled in Townsville and opened Hazel Mai in May 2015, offering a selection of wardrobe staples coupled with on-trend pieces to cater to the fashion-loving community.

Since moving into Precinct 21 on Stokes St, she said giving the flick to Flinders St’s “unmaintained buildings” and “unmotivated landlords” has been a big boon for her business.

“The place in which we provide that service has really levelled up and feels high end”, she said. “I think our customers enjoy having a local boutique that looks like it belongs somewhere on James St and that has been reflected in our trade.”

Calling the new era, “Hazel Mai 2.0”, Ms Gardner said her loyal customers of 7 years have followed her down the road. “We are finding lots of new customers that are just discovering us for the first time”.

Focused on 25-44 yearold women, Ms Gardner said she loved when mothers and daughters came in together.

Luke Berry, Third.i. Cofounder, which runs Precinct 21, said securing Hazel Mai as a tenant was a great outcome.