Globally recognised for our success in vertically integrating across all development types, Third.i has the ability to take a development, regardless of its size and asset class, and manage it from site acquisition through to completion. For more information about our divisions please review below.


The Third.i Residential division is responsible for the development & project management of our residential projects, from acquisition through to completion.

Our delivery team and the resources we offer the market provide our investors and business partners with the knowledge and expertise to reduce risks and maximise returns in our projects.

Third.i’s Directors and Senior Executive team each bring significant personal industry experience to the company. We pride ourselves on our current and past residential projects, that have consistently exceeded the highest expectations of our valued clients.

If you have a residential project that you would like to discuss, please contact:


Luke Berry
Founder & Director of Sales & Marketing
+61 2 9409 7200

(United Kingdom)

Gareth Hardy
Director of Development UK
+44 (0) 7540 636598


ThirdAge Villages is the exciting collaboration between Third.i and one of the worlds most respected retirement executives, Michael Eggington.

The combination of Michaels 30 years’ experience in creating and running successful villages throughout Australia, New Zealand and more recently the UK & Europe, with Third.i’s track record of delivering high-end residential developments, creates the perfect partnership to deliver something truly special in retirement living throughout Australia and beyond.

ThirdAge intends to disrupt the Seniors Living development space and offer a range of properties, products and services never seen before. Our spaces will be bespoke and use the latest innovations in design and amenity, to make them some of the most desirable properties on the market in the future.

ThirdAge Website

If you have a commercial or industrial project that you would like to discuss, please contact:

Ashleigh Button
General Manager
+61 2 9409 7200


Third.i Commercial is the division of Third.i Group and is responsible for the development management of our commercial and industrial projects, from acquisition through to completion.

Our developments vary from boutique commercial spaces to large scale mixed-used, commercial and warehouse conversions, all managed internally by our expert team of project managers, construction managers, site superintendents, planners and administrative teams.

Our delivery team includes a number of industry recognised executives, that have helped deliver some of Australia’s largest residential and commercial projects.

They are also supported by a team of international bilingual project managers that are fluent in Mandarin and Japanese and are ready to assist our international business partners in understanding the status of their project’s delivery.

If you have a commercial or industrial project that you would like to discuss, please contact:

Robert Huxley
Founder & Director of Acquisitions
+61 2 9409 7200

Specialist Care

Third.i, with the support of our iNSiTU Housing division, is on track to create one of Australia’s largest networks of SDA Housing (Specialist Disability Accommodation) along the East Coast of Australia.

People with disabilities often experience isolation from social and cultural events because their housing is pushed to city fringe areas lacking great transport links and/or amenity.

Our approach to SDA housing, to create our properties ‘in place’, to be located within our large scale developments or purpose built near city centres or health precincts is key to our strategy going forward.

The prospect of being able to offer access to new and innovative housing to the disability sector is extremely exciting & rewarding for our company and its this type of development that will allow us to better support all members of the communities we create our property in, regardless of their ability.

If you have a commercial or industrial project that you would like to discuss, please contact:

Rosie Trantham
Chief Housing Officer
+61 2 9409 7200


Introducing Third.i Investments, our investment platform that offers individual wholesale/sophisticated investors an opportunity to co-invest with Third.i in our projects. 

Third.i Investments main areas of focus is in raising capital for the creation of Specialist Disability Accommodation where investors have the opportunity to join our corporate capital and co-invest in socially responsible investment initiatives that hold the potential to transform people’s lives that are living with a disability.

Through strategic investments, we aim to not only generate strong financial returns for our clients, but also create meaningful change in our communities. Join us at our next Third.i Investments meeting and be part of a movement dedicated to making a difference while building a brighter future for all.

If you would like to discuss Third.i Investments in further detail, please contact:

Luke Berry
Director & Founder of Third.i Group
+61 2 9409 7200


Third.i Communities is the division of Third.i Group focused on developing vibrant and sustainable communities that offer residents a high-quality lifestyle.

With over 3,000 lots in the pipeline, Third.i Communities is set to deliver a mixture of housing options in the Central Coast and Hunter Region of New South Wales.

Third.i Communities aims to create communities that are designed with residents in mind, offering industry-leading amenities that seamlessly integrate residential living and outdoor spaces. The communities will be built to the highest standards, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Luke Berry

Founder & Director of Sales & Marketing

+61 2 9409 7200

Our divisions are on track to shape & deliver some of Australia’s & The UK’s largest residential and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on our current and past projects and if you would like to learn more about our pipeline of projects please click below.

Third.i Projects

Partner / Associate Companies

iNSiTU Housing is a specialist disability accommodation (SDA) provider that is focused on integrating innovative housing solutions into our developments & make living independently with a disabilty as easy as possible.

Our journey started in 2012 with the construction of 10 specialist disability apartments in the Belle Apartments in Belmont Australia. We now have over 150 properties spread across Australia and changing the lives of individuals and families living with a disability.

At iNSiTU Housing, we believe we not only have the responsibility, but also the opportunity, to enable people with disabilities to participate equally in our communities.

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InSync Property is Third.i’s Property Management division specialising in the management of our client’s investment properties created in Third.i groups residential projects around Australia.

By remaining ‘inSync’ with the latest industry regulations and innovations, we are constantly exceeding our clients property management needs. Our hands on approach has enabled us to grow our management business exponentially over the past 10 years and we now support over 300 clients across multiple projects.

Our delivery team of both senior and junior property managers are world class and is building a strong reputation with our clients to become one of the best property management performers in the industry.

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ARTi is an example of Third.i’s commitment to continually push the boundaries of innovation and deliver outstanding experiences to our clients when selling our properties off the plan.

ARTi stands for ‘Augmented Reality Third.i’. and it is fast becoming one of the world’s leading applications in the delivery of Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. We believe that if a person is willing to purchase our property off the plan we owe it to them to give them the best experience possible.

ARTi is based in Australia, but it has already generated client interest in America, Asia Pacific and Europe. It will revolutionise the way off the plan property is bought and sold in the future.

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