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Conditions Apply *

  1. The purchaser who has been referred by a friend must purchase through the Thirdi Group sales team
  2. The original purchaser who refers a friend, does not have to had purchased through the Thirdi Group sales team
  3. The original purchaser does not need to refer a friend in the same development that they purchased in
  4. The friend referred to Thirdi Group, must exchange with in 12 months of being referred
  5. The friend referred to Thirdi Group can not be an existing client of Thirdi Group
  6. The friend referred to Thirdi Group must not have had any prior dealings with one of our referral agents – this means that they cannot have made contact about properties or received any communication from sales partners about Thirdi Group projects
  7. The person who refers a friend that meets the above terms, will receive a $5,000 gift card when the friend exchanges on their property
  8. The friend who was referred to Thirdi Group that meets all of the above terms, gets to choose between a $5,000 gift card or a $5,000 discount on their purchase, which is paid at settlement of their property

Once we have received a completed referral form, we will review the Thirdi Group client database and cross reference this with our sales partners. We will then confirm in writing if you and your referred friend qualify for our special offer.

Please contact our office on 02 9409 7200 if you have any questions.