Thirdi brings GoGet car share to Newcastle

Development company the Thirdi Group has snared a coup for Newcastle teaming up with GoGet, Australia’s largest car sharing network, to launch their services in Newcastle with plans to establish a one hundred strong fleet of cars and vans across Newcastle.

In an Australian first, The Thirdi Group, the company behind the successful WestEnd Precinct, will offer purchasers of an apartment the option to activate free driving credits which will be more than enough to cover an average inner-city resident’s vehicle needs.

Luke Berry, Director of Thirdi Group, said its firm was thrilled to be part of such a great initiative.

It has become clear that developers need to recognise that apartment buyers are turning away from traditional requirements like parking and find significant value in developments that offers a range of shared and sustainable options.

“We are known for creating properties full of what we call ‘#innovativebrilliance’ and we believe our GoGet partnership now allows us to extend this right through to the basements of our buildings,” Luke said.

“In terms of customer value, we see this type of offering right in line with Home Automation, integrated appliances and the high-end fixtures and fittings we are now offering in our apartments.

“If companies like mine aren’t exploring innovations like this, we are holding the next generation back when it comes to flexible and sustainable living.”

Close to ten per cent of GoGet’s estimated fleet will be permanently located in the WestEnd with majority in the basement of Thirdi Developments, Eaton on Union & Stella on Hannell, due for completion June & December 2020.

Purchasers are already seeing the value of the partnership.

Sydney property investor, Les Parry said he recently secured two apartments within WestEnd and decided to secure a one-bedroom apartment without a car space because of the unique coupling of his development with the GoGet car sharing service.

“As soon as I was presented with Thirdi’s vision to include a service like GoGet in their basements, it was a no-brainer for me to consider the one-bedroom property without the park,” Les said.

“It was significantly cheaper and with it located right next to the transport interchange it made complete sense to me that my likely tenant wouldn’t place a high priority on having a car park.

“With the thousands of university students coming to the CBD in the future and record numbers of people downsizing and choosing inner city living, this is the sort of service I want my property associated with to capitalize on,” Les said.

Christopher Vanneste, GoGet’s Head of Locations and Partnerships said GoGet was impressed by Thirdi’s determination to make car share a critical part of its development.

“Often a developer will approach us with a condition to fulfil, a challenge car share might be able to solve. Thirdi has been very different. They took a long-term, visionary approach from the start. They get that we are seeing a move to transit-oriented development which involves the removal of unnecessary parking,” Christopher said.

“Doing this can save developers millions in construction costs and give them a competitive amenity, car share. Overall costs for the buyer are reduced, increasing affordability, and marketability of the apartments is enhanced.”

Newcastle’s affirmative direction on smart cities has put it in a leadership role among regional centres and attracted GoGet’s attention as a promising launch candidate.

Deputy Lord Mayor, Declan Clausen, said that GoGet is likely to be one of the strategic steppingstones that will make Newcastle a smarter city for locals.

“Car share is part of Newcastle’s smart city strategy,” Declan said.

“Today, Newcastle has more smart shared transport options than some capital cities. Initiatives like Thirdi’s show what innovation can happen when a future- thinking developer connects with the vision of a future-thinking City,” he said.

GoGet is operated by CarShare Australia, formed to bring car sharing services to Australia.


Founded by Directors Nic Lowe and Bruce Jeffreys in 2003 with three vehicles and twelve members, today GoGet has over 3,500 vehicles and 145,000 members.


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