GoGet Car Sharing Services Coming to Newcastle


The development company Thirdi Group is teaming up with GoGet to launch it’s car sharing services in Newcastle, starting with the company’s own Westend Precinct.

Over one hundred cars and vans are set to be scattered over the city centre and fringes in an attempt to assist those who can’t afford a vehicle of their own or have no access to parking facilities.

“As a developer this sort of partnership makes complete sense.” says Thirdi Group’s Director of Sales and Marketing Luke Perry.

“When you think about connectivity and transport, any form of transport that a city explores that’s flexible and sustainable will be greater for all residents in Newcastle.”

“The platform’s been created to give people that may not be able to afford a full-time car or need a secondary car flexibility where you can become a member, and within minutes hire a car you can use to go about your daily business.”

The aim of the arrangement is to provide property owners with the chance to access the vehicles for hire, with ‘free driving credits’ available to cover the basic needs of Westend residents.

“We’ve worked out the average urban dweller needs about twenty-five kilometres per week and university students or individuals who don’t want to carry the cost of owning a car can become a member and take advantage of the GoGet credits and the wavering of the membership fees that we’ve negotiated for our projects.” says Mr Perry.

An estimated ten percent of GoGet’s fleet is set to be permanently located in the Westend or in the basements of the Union and Hannel Street Thirdi Developments due for completion in 2020 with the hope of expansion in the future.