Merewether Golf Club’s $120 million redevelopment sparks massive interest from retirees with more expressions of interest than proposed units – and it hasn’t been approved yet

A proposal for a $120 million retirement resort at the Merewether Golf Club, in Newcastle, NSW, is drawing heavy interest despite not being approved for development yet. 

The $120 million retirement resort, from developer Thirdi, would be attached to the golf club which would enter into a 99-year partnership, with the club retaining ownership of the land.

Upon completion the resort would house 100 senior living units, with more than 200 people already registering their interest.

The resort was designed Marchese Partners and the proposal is being supported by former LendLease CEO and current ThirdAge Villages partner Michael Egginton.

ThirdAge Villages is a collaboration with Thirdi that aims to introduce developments, products and services yet to be seen in Australia.

The DA is still with the City of Newcastle Council and if approved is expected to be completed by late 2023 or early 2024.

Director and Co-Founder of Thirdi Group Luke Berry told The Daily Telegraph they expect the DA to be approved within six months.