New levels of inclusivity

iNSiTU Housing works with leading Australian developer Third.i to provide innovative Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in key urban locations that provides access to care, facilities and lifestyle.

Finding such suitable SDA housing can be a challenge.

Wendy Bannister, a Newcastle NDIS participant, secured her apartment with iNSiTU Housing at Stella on Hannell, in the heart of Newcastle’s thriving West End, following lengthy delays accessing SDA funding.

Wheelchair bound after a series of medical crises Ms Bannister was forced to live in Supported Independent Living (SIL) accommodation for two and a half years awaiting SDA funding.

The SIL accommodation lacked adequate access to care and amenities and Ms Bannister suffered a mental breakdown as a result.

She was severely depressed when she approached iNSiTU Housing for assistance but thankfully with the help of iNSiTu, her situation quickly improved.

“I was approved immediately with iNSiTU Housing,” Ms Bannister said.

“I was shown floor plans and given a choice of which SDA apartment I’d like to secure, which is something I have never had the opportunity to do before.

“I was treated equally and it was incredible.

“iNSiTU Housing was always contactable and expressed concerns about my NDIS battle, they worked extremely hard to help me secure a home of my own that suits my needs.

“I now have independence, can spend quality time with my family again and finally have access to necessities, lifestyle amenities and transport options.

“Thanks to iNSiTU Housing and Third.i, I have my apartment and it has completely changed my life.

“I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t approached Third.i and iNSiTU.”

The sold out Stella on Hannell comprises a collection of one, two and three-bedroom apartments with open floor plans, a rooftop garden and spacious views to the Newcastle Harbour and city, which can never be built out.

The project joins Eaton on Union, another completed Third.i development in Newcastle which features SDA accommodation. Third.i also has plans for SDA accommodation in its Dairy Farmers development, currently under way.

Caitlyn Morrissey is another who believes iNSiTU is a game-changer.

“Before iNSiTU I was living and renting with my family on our farm in rural New South Wales so I couldn’t access care facilities and lifestyle amenities. I wasn’t able to live my life properly,” Ms Morrissey said.

“From when I approached iNSiTU to where I am now, I couldn’t fault the amazing team at iNSiTU for all their hard work.

“The process for SDA funding can be a time consuming process and the iNSiTU team has made the process absolutely worth it.

“They kept me up to date, were calm and assuring and helped ease my transition from rural living to urban care. I’ve been in Newcastle in my apartment now for around ten months and I couldn’t be happier.

“The level of offering for an accessible home is just outstanding and a testament to the hard work iNSiTU does with Third.i.

“I now live right near the train station so I am finally able to access everything I need easily. I have more access to a greater lifestyle and access to more activities.”

With a focus on producing more innovative housing solutions, iNSiTU Housing is changing the future of disability housing, bringing forth a new level of inclusivity by providing more SDA residences for participants.

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