Buy an apartment and drive for free

By Emily Hutchinson

It was recently announced that residential developer Thirdi has teamed up with car sharing company GoGet to allow new residents to drive around Newcastle for free in the first of its kind in Australia.

Thirdi Group has partnered with GoGet to establish a 100 strong fleet of cars and vans across Newcastle.

What’s the catch? There’s no catch. The developer’s WestEnd Precinct in Newcastle’s CBD is working with car sharing company, GoGet to ensure that each apartment will have the option to activate free driving credits.

These driving credits will be more than enough to ensure the driver can get from point A to point B all across town.

The plan is to establish a 100 strong fleet of cars and vans across Newcastle with 10% of GoGet’s projected fleet permanently located in the WestEnd developments.

Around 10% of GoGet’s projected fleet will be located in the WestEnd with a majority in the Thirdi Developments – Eaton and Stella.

This initiative demonstrates the developer’s focus on creating projects that veer away from traditional parking options associated with apartment living and instead, looks to the future of shared and sustainable options.

From a sustainability angle, each car share vehicle on the road replaces 10 private vehicles, which inevitably frees up on-street parking and traffic.

“If companies like mine aren’t exploring innovations like this, we are holding the next generation back when it comes to flexible and sustainable living,” says Luke Berry, Director of Thirdi Group.

Each apartment sold in the WestEnd Precinct will have the option to activate free driving credits.

The deal has been appealing to buyers and investors alike who have been given the opportunity to save money by opting for an apartment without a car space.

Les Parry is a Sydney-based property investor who recently purchased two apartments within a Thirdi development and said the GoGet deal benefitted him.

There are benefits to investors and owner occupiers.

“As soon as I was presented with Thirdi’s vision to include a service like GoGet in their basements, it was a no-brainer for me to consider the one-bedroom property without the park,” he says.

“It was significantly cheaper and with it located right next to the transport interchange, it made complete sense to me that my likely tenant wouldn’t place a high priority on having a car park.”

The WestEnd Precinct includes the Eaton and Stella developments, both of which are due for completion in June and December 2020 respectively.

This Australian first offers free driving credits with the apartment purchase.

Not only are there forward-thinking amenities like the GoGet driving credit included in the apartments, but other smart home features have been installed for the 21st century resident to enjoy.

These include advanced security in which you can select ‘away mode’ and see on your smart phone who visits your home in your absence.

You can control your lights through your hand-held device and the automated heating and cooling means you can organise these settings ahead of your arrival at home.

“In terms of customer value, we see this type of offering right in line with Home Automation, integrated appliances and the high-end fixtures and fittings we are now offering in our apartments,” says Berry.